Supporting parents and caregivers in developing their ability to nurture young children.

Programs Offered By Community Partners

The Parenting Connection is pleased to support and encourage volunteer-led support groups by providing a comfortable child-proof space for meetings that are free and open to the community. These groups are doing important work to build social connections that are critical for new families. All meetings listed below are held at the Parenting Connection classroom located at Marina Del Mar, Classroom #10, 3066 Lake Drive, Marina CA. Please contact the group in advance of each meeting listed to confirm that there haven't been any changes since this guide was published.

We Welcome Community Partners

The mission of PCMC is to support parents and caregivers in developing their ability to nurture young children. PCMC has a vision that families in Monterey County thrive because children are parented well. We value parent education that is delivered respectfully, is research-based, honors the whole parent and child, and is appropriate for each age and stage.

In support of our mission PCMC is pleased to partner with local organizations to offer support groups and other programing in the Marina PCMC classrooms. Partner organizations may include formally organized non-profits, informal parent groups, or individual parenting consultants.

Background for Community Partners: The Parenting Connection of Monterey County (PCMC) has a Facilities Use Agreement (FUA) with the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD) for the exclusive use of Classroom #10 at Marina Del Mar School, 3066 Lake Dr, Marina CA 93933. MPUSD has granted PCMC “use of the facility for the sole purpose of comprehensive parent education classes for caregivers and their children ages 0-5”. The facility includes the classroom, outside common space and play structures, access to the restrooms, and shared parking. PCMC has received written permission from the District Business Manager to host programs and support groups run by partner organizations in Classroom #10.

Participation: Participation may target a specific population (such as parents of special needs children, nursing mothers, parents recovering from Perinatal mood disorders, etc) however must be open to all who wish to attend. Support groups and programs offered by partner organizations must be offered at no cost to the participants. Participants will be asked to complete a registration form that includes contact information and other demographic details necessary for PCMC grant reporting.

How to Partner with PCMC: Partner organizations who wish to offer support groups or programs in the PCMC classrooms should submit a letter demonstrating that their support group or program advances the mission and vision of PCMC and contributes to a comprehensive parent education program. Include in your letter the following information: the primary contact person, the days and times that you would like to use the PCMC classroom, the intended program participants, and any other details that the PCMC Board should consider.

Partnership Agreement: Once your request is approved, we will send you a Partnership Agreement that specifies the relationship between PCMC and the your organization. The Partnership Agreement will include details about how the program supports and complements the comprehensive parent education program offered by PCMC, identifies a primary individual responsible for the organization, a list of individuals who will apply to be PCMC Authorized Volunteers, the days and times that programs will be offered in classroom #10, the intended program participants, criteria for participant registration and program evaluation, opening and closing procedures, emergency contacts for PCMC, and any other appropriate logistics. The Partnership Agreement must be signed by the PCMC Program Manager and the primary contact for the Partner Organization.

We look forward to partnering with you!